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“Most of us want very much to be loved. Perhaps we are not concerned

enough about loving.”  ~Erwin McDonald


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Original Poetry by Sheron Mingo Y

*Came to Be

Last night found me

The blissful bride,

Light upon your knees.


Swayed by amorous crescendos

Hours later

Came to be.


I remain your endless love

Rising with the sun,

Breathing you and me.


*Washing My Feet

Your stares

Lick irreverently like oceanic waves in high tide,

Then reverently and subserviently like low tide.

You whisper,


So softly,

So sweetly,

Washing my feet.

Why rush in

To ebb away?



Look through my funnel.



The plateaus of transitory dearth


Perverting the view.

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