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🖨️ Aspiring authors should consider these book versions 📚

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Some Indie authors deem eBooks the quick and easiest way of publishing books and becoming authors.

A few vital questions are:

What genres are you writing and distributing as an author?

Is your goal to become an established, prolific and professional author?

Do you want your books in libraries, bookstores and held by readers?

Why reduce your books’ value with mere eBook publishing?

Aspiring authors should consider these book versions when publishing their books: hardcovers, paperbacks, eBooks, and audios.

Many dismiss hardcovers and think them quaint. But some readers prize hardcovers and hardcovers look awesome in an author’s collection.

Why not publish all book versions to reach a wider audience?

Remember that publishing your hardcovers and paperbacks establishes your cover design you can then use for eBooks.

Best to get coaching for the best publishing outcomes.

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