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🔔...Be Impartial to ALL Employees and Embrace Diversity....

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

🔔 Labor Day 2023 (LD) has slipped away with the month of September, but I’m clinging to

“better late than never” with this post.

🔔 Labor Day is celebrated in the US and Canada on the first Monday of September flooding annals with workers, cultural awareness and industry issues if not unifying anything.

🔔 Did you know that the US Labor Day originated in the late nineteenth century and marks the end of summer pastels and white apparels: spawning gaudy parades that ignite labor and human rights awareness amidst current labor strikes and a gazillion concerns? We have writers and actors on strike, the Ford motor strike and others.

🔔LD should increase reflections and motions for judicious and honorable relations with our collaborators and staff. Learn more about the origin of the Labor Day holiday we observe. History of Labor Day | U.S. Department of Labor (

🔔 But aside from the LD festivities and the climax of summer, how did you spend LD 2023? Did you ponder about the economy, your successes and defeats with employees or your career and business accomplishments? Regardless, change can be realized using strategy, resilience, empathy and consistency.

🔔 Employers should be impartial to all employees and embrace diversity since some business leaders unfortunately abuse power and favor and promote their puppets and drinking buddies and ignore talented employees that consistently exhibit integrity. But to harvest the best service, winning work environments with inclusivity should be fostered: mentoring, training and emotionally supporting employees to succeed regardless of their culture.

🔔 Train and revamp your HR department as needed since HR often fall short and become sycophants guarding their status instead of being skilled and authentic human resource agents of excellence.

🔔 Employers should Listen more and treat employees and collaborators with respect and appreciation as employers wish to be treated.

🔔 Likewise, employees should be respectful and less argumentative to cover infractions. Respect employers’ property and space even when employees think employees are not being observed.

🔔Remember that most employers are humans with loads on their shoulders and employees should not misinterpret approachability and empathy for weakness and disrespect employers—it happens.

🔔 If you are an employee, are you trustworthy, punctual, zealous, skilled and offer integrity with your service?

✍️Holidays create opportunities for writers to write. I quickly wrote and shared this post although my time is limited. Why not write something about “Labor?” Remember to keep writing and get expert help if needed.

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