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🪺Father’s Day Motivates...💙

Updated: Jun 28

🪺Most believe that this world would not exist without an earthly or heavenly father--and I agree wholeheartedly.

🪺If science and procreation are unflawed, motherhood and children are unattainable without the spermatozoans of fathers.

🪺Fathers add value to our universe and proliferation of humanity whether as donors, freeloaders or forevers—forevers being fathers who value family and fatherhood and fulfill their basic responsibilities to their children.

🪺Copious odes to every father who wears his mantle and provides, protects and champions family values.

🪺Father’s Day motivates many to write stories that enlighten, entertain and transform. So, pen a story about the just, unjust indifference or the love of and for fathers.

🪺Our world needs humorous and sobering stories about fathers to make us stop, ruminate, change and appreciate the lives we create, nurture and sustain. Unmask your experiences if they lie dormant and hidden beneath cobwebs of pride, mirth or mortification. Share your stories about fathers to uplift and impact humanity.

🪺Why not get expert help and let your writing blossom into a publishable, notable book that cements your heritage.

🪺Or treat your father to a coaching plan and have him share his stories of fatherhood and the true significance of family and children and legacy.

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