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⏲️ Follow A Publishing Timeline

Updated: Mar 13

👌 Self-Publishing is rewarding when authors invest care and time and it’s important to stay on target and follow a publishing timeline.

⏲️ Life throws the unexpected but prioritize and be available to stay on your publishing schedule.

⏲️ One delay creates a chain of delays for others involved. One slip of time may result in a continuous slide off schedule and the delay of publishing your book.

👌 Remain excited about your projects or you may lose interest in completing given tasks.

👌 Ask questions and get clarity for the best publishing results.

👌 Be realistic and let go of tasks you are not an expert in.

👌 Decide whether you personally wish to manage your cover and book design or have experts complete the tasks.

👌 Be decisive when collaborating or using freelancers to not complicate projects.

⏲️ Decide how important publishing your book is and be determined to follow a publishing timeline and complete projects.

👌 Get expert help as needed.

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