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🎆Happy Labor Day!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Let’s appreciate the labor of others in our homes, and in our businesses or workplace. Never fail to thank those who we employ or collaborate with. And we too must give the best of our labor. Think of our ancestors and the voiceless who suffer labor abuses and be thankful that we are not or no longer in dire labor situations. ✍️

Those who employ and manage please be virtuous and compassionate. Stop throwing around your power and be cognizant that what goes around comes around. Great leaders are servants and lead by precepts. Your staff will value you if you are impartial and respectful of employees regardless of color, creed and education. Be fair how your dole out benefits and approve salaries. Keep favors away from how you value your staff and reward talent with promotions and appropriate salaries. ✍️

I was thinking… that writing can be challenging and laborious at times. I mean clever writing that captivates readers. And writers often write for years to churn out their genius books. Many novice writers bemoan the prospect of writing and shy away from even attempting to write. ✍️

I must unapologetically declare that “labor of love” accurately depicts writing. And “labor of love” in this context may be an oxymoron since professional writers must earn incomes for their writing. But there is pride and veneration that writers crave and attain when others enjoy their writing. And Labor Day seems an appropriate day to celebrate through writing. ✍️

There are incalculable inks of plasma engraved on the pages of history. Labor Day is definitely a day to write. ✍️

Why not share a story, poem, essay, play or whatever suits your fancy to celebrate “Labor Day” ✍️

Read up on the history of Labor Day.

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