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🌻🍹Happy Mother’s Day To All Virtuous Mothers! 🌻🍰

Updated: May 19

🌻 Happy Mother’s Day to all virtuous mothers wherever you are. Enjoy your special day.

🌻 Mother’s Day creates phenomenal stories that inspire based on positive or negative experiences and written from the perspective of child to mother,  child about mother, child to siblings about a mother, mother to child/children, husband/father to wife/mother or universal.

🌻Here is my 10-minute universal story celebrating Mother’s Day. See how quick, simplistic and easy it is to write. You can do the same.

🍹 Virtuous mothers need love and gratitude for their verve and devotion.

🍹 Indelible mothers design and deliver stories and legacies that transform.

🍹 Righteous mothers, though imperfect, are conduits of rapture.

🍹 Trustworthy mothers are matriarchs we adore and not islands we abandon.

🍹 Unwavering mothers motivate and move the world but cannot cure humanity.

🍹 Obstinate and valiant mothers rebuke, ref and reform government.

🍹 Ultra, star mothers are brave souls who breed, feed and seed humanity.

🍹 Selfless mothers are merits worthy of protection when weakened and worn.

🌻 Mothers should love, respect and protect children. Mothers should bless and not fill children with evils that blight children and make them unfits of society.

Children should know that mothers are gifts but are not always right. Be circumspect and love, respect and protect your mothers who are virtuous and those who need your compassion. Inform your mothers (with respect) when they are wrong.

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