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☺️ Happy Thanksgiving Feasting, Mingling and Writing!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

🍂🥧Thanksgiving means another year is ending. 🍂🥧

✍️ Begin writing if you have not or stay on target and do not stress about writing.

✍️ If you are writing, simply manage your timeline and press forward and upward into fruition.

✍️If you have not begun writing, take advantage of Thanksgiving to write in your preferred genre: memoir, fiction, poetry, essay, business,  instructional, etc.

✍️Write about food, festivity, family and friends, gatherings, or inspiration, and the list is endless.

✍️Your tone could be humor, sober objectivity, introspectiveness, prayerful, etc.

✍️You simply write and get Professional Coaching for your writing journey to avoid stumbling. Apply holiday discount coupon 🎉SMYHoliday2024Sale🎉

🍂🥧 Happy Thanksgiving feasting, mingling and writing! 🍂🥧

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