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🖨️ How Important Is The Cover Of A Book? 🚦

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

🚦 The cover of a book is incredibly important since viewers first see a cover.

That first glimpse either intrigues or deters the viewer from clicking or touching that book. Title too is important and will be discussed in another blog.

🚦 But how important is the cover of a book? Well, what is your perspective--what entices you when you view a bookshelf laden with books? What makes you browse or turn book pages? What makes you purchase a book? 🚦 Have you ever circled back to a specific bookshelf because something grabbed your attention? Then you have the answer. 🚦 Covers are super important since they compel readers to buy or not buy. The size, shape, color, font, and or graphics must be phenomenal.

Visual appeal or shock is key for book covers.

Think of compelling book covers as Traffic Lights with red, amber and green glows.

You need viewers to stop, consider and buy books.

Be strategic and put thought into your cover/s and do not avoid professional coaching as needed. 🚦

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