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🌳Humans Should Mimic Trees

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

April slid out and May rushed in with vibrant foliage and cozy weather everywhere compelling us to write.

Trees have ditched naked browns and tans to garb in jades and stunning sprouts of freshness; swaying everywhere and stirring curtains. I love the resiliency and longevity of trees reaching for the sky. Trees have zeal and gusto for life that combat centuries of storms to duck for cover and bounce back their freshest each season. And trees feast their fill from the rich earth: each tree steadfast in their spot; not envying or filching nourishment from other trees. Humans should mimic trees. 🌳

Birds too are incredible and pageant their melodies outside windows. Ready with happy or sad songs—but always singing confirming that nature has heart and wishes us well. Birds like trees understand seasons and how to champion beauty and survive with the basics of life. I envy their comradery and their parading flamboyant hues coexisting harmoniously unlike humans. And birds thrill our hearts mystifying our minds with supreme notions. Do humans thrill the hearts of birds? Why do birds flap their wings and flee humans even when humans stand still? I believe birds can sense discordance in the beats of human hearts. 🐦

Winter coats are swapped end of spring for jackets, scarves and lovely throws. Then we navigate weeks with cares and little time in life’s swirls of blurred faces: smiling, loving, cajoling, hurting beyond reason. It remains unclear whether stepping light in less clothes (some none) is worth the summer sweat? Seems metaphorical; perhaps a rhetorical question for life when we opt to chase the lighter and less complex aspirations that gives lackluster comforts. But the eye greets a seasonal fest with coats in closets since not much physical mysteries are hid and everything flaunted for applauds, mortification or discreet laughter. 🏖️

Am I delirious or do trees really undressed during winter and don their best during summer, and why? Sounds like a writing prompt. 🌳

The reality is, humans must live and fill their purpose and not try to be another. A tree cannot cogitate and write this blog. A bird cannot read and deconstruct this blog. Writing is therapeutic and humans can be inspired by trees and birds and evolve into better humans. Stay inspired humans, get coaching if needed to write your book.

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