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🖨️ Let's chat about publishing!

Are you a published author or considering publishing your book?

🖨️ Authors use traditional publishers or self-publish their books.

A. Traditional publishers are publishing houses such as Simon & Schuster, Penguin, etc. and small presses.

B. Self-publishers are Indie Authors and independent publishers who charge for their services.

C. My monthly blogs will discuss traditional and self-publishing options.

D. Connect with me for Coaching.

🖨️ I am both an author and a formally trained publisher at the graduate level to publish books and coach Indie Authors.

✍️ If you are a writer, what genre do you write and what inspires you to write?

Why do you wish to publish and share your books?

🖨️ Whatever your inspiration be sure to align with a skilled publisher who:

A. Publishes quality books.

B. Has integrity.

C. Is current with industry and social media trends.

D. Cares about your success.

💻 Write well, edit well and use an expert coach and publisher.

👓 Read my monthly blogs on traditional and self-publishing.

👌 Contribute by asking publishing questions or sharing comments about publishing.

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