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We Write Through COVID-19

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I'm thinking...of how I’m evaluating life and evolving via intimate writing. I pour my emotions and unfiltered truths unto the page and am me whether I’m awed or daunted by what's revealed. Intimate writing is my happy in this COVID-19 era. I get to share me with me and be.

Writing is therapeutic and a clever way of uncovering my emotions while combating COVID-19. Writing truly soothes and frees my mind enabling me to release and examine my thoughts. It’s a looking glass to whether I unintentionally act unreasonably towards loved ones while quarantined or whether I'm anxious about social distancing and navigating public places I visit for life's necessities.

I write, I read, I gain insights into inner thoughts and hopefully act to effectively nurture and bolster my emotional stability since I must be emotionally healthy to benefit myself and others. Hence, I reflect and write about where I am and need to be.

But how has COVID-19 affected you? Are you fragile and fearful of being infected (I am at times)? How tangible has life become? How can you help others? Has the intrusion of this virus made you a better being? Writing is power that liberates thoughts and facilitates opportunities for change in life and perspective. You can reinvent yourself and be reborn from viewing your life sprawled across a page. I realize that pages smudge when I try to erase what is written. So, I write and read myself into a master plan.

Do you spend time writing, daily or sporadically? Have you discovered your humorous, gentle or boorish side (hey, get to know all of you), through the intimacy, honesty and vulnerability of your writing. And dare you share so others can ruminate and evolve from the humor or veracity of your writing? Albeit you alone read your writing and evolve into a superior, more genuine being from the truths you uncover.

Why not write for balance and happiness--especially in this COVID-19 era?

I would love your response. SMY

This blog was originally written March 2021 during the early surge of COVID-19.

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