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😫 Pace Yourself And Do Not Succumb To Burnout 😣

🫠 Self-Publishing means you do the work. But you are not alone with a supportive coach. Work and communicate hiccups with your mentoring coach.

 🫠 A trusted and effective coach mentors and helps you realize your vision as you execute and complete the work. An excellent coach guides and helps writers decrease stress from becoming overwhelmed by the insecurities of authoring a book.


🫠 Pace yourself and do not succumb to burnout and delay completion of publishing your book. No book is perfect, and all authors question their audacity and tenacity to even author a book in the first place. So, congratulate yourself for being intentional, focused and resilient.


🫠 Although your coach has your back and gives guidance, as an Indie-Author, you are responsible for all aspects of publishing your book. Your coach can identify needs based on your proficiencies and make recommendations for freelance help: editing, eBook conversions, etc., so you have necessary help to complete all of aspects to publish your book.


🫠 Your book is your prize. Remain confident throughout the publishing phases of your book and be transparent with your coach. Life happens and a mentoring coach will have your best interest at heart to guide you to fruition of publishing your book.

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