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January 16th Seems the Perfect Time to Free Yourself

Martin Luther King Jr. Day and write about things that trap you into thinking that you will never overcome life’s obstacles whether created by yourself or others.

January 16th seems the perfect time of this new year to pause and reflect and determine to fulfill those resolutions others say you may never accomplish because you fool yourself each year and doubt your writing aptitude but there is no fun reading blank pages—at least not for long. It is one step at a time with scoops of faltering each time you forget that daily or weekly promise you must keep realizing your writing resolutions by end of 2023.

You are not a failure, just an explorer with a resilient pen. It is all forward steps. You brace yourself and steady your steps leaving the falls behind.

There are countless writing deadlines that will be missed because life will never let up. I have at times become disgruntled for a second and question God. Then I continue writing and conquering the small moments that will evolve into irreplaceable mementos enriching your writing. Get coaching if necessary to birth your genius.

You must write.

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