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🖨️ Small Presses

Updated: May 24, 2023

🖨️ Small Presses

Many authors are published by small Presses: publishers operated by universities and educational institutions, churches and other private organizations.

  1. Small Presses operate same as Traditional Publishers.

  2. Authors are usually not expected to pay to have their books published.

  3. Authors are usually discovered through competitions, recommendations and through agents.

  4. Small Presses may be less prestigious than traditional publishers but are still sought out by authors.

  5. Acceptance is competitive but still less rigorous and more hopeful than acceptance by Traditional Publishers.

  6. Unsolicited submissions for poetry, fiction, nonfiction etc., are usually accepted during acceptance periods.

  7. Writers’ journals usually list Small Presses, and it is best to research current listings for Small Presses.

Best to work with a Publishing Coach if you are navigating and unsure of the publishing industry.

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