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💼Uncle Sam Visits Annually🗃️

🗂️Indie-Authors should not neglect the administrative aspect of book publishing.

🔖Organize receipts and transactions and keep all handy for tax filing when Uncle Sam visits or for future reference.

🔖Best to use a CPA unless you are skilled at tax filing and checking all the crucial expense boxes.

🔖Audit your business monthly regardless of high or low book sales.

  🗂️ Monthly audits allow you to strategize and implement needed actions.

🔖Avoid shortcuts and the “little lies” when you claim business taxes.

 💰Paid services are not “Personal Gifts” but earned incomes.

💼 Remember that Uncle Sam is diligent, and businesses can be audited. 🗃️

👍So best to function with a pure conscience and get Expert Coaching for your publishing projects throughout 2024.

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