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🤖 Will Robots Design and Publish Books?

Updated: Mar 13

🤖 Many are wondering how Artificial Intelligence will affect publishing and will robots replace humans and design and publish books after much trial and error?

🤖 I’m not an IT expert nor tech savvy and must rely on industry facts and updates for AI answers. Read this article from Publishers Weekly and share your thoughts if you currently use or will utilize Artificial Intelligence.

🤖 We often question new and unfamiliar concepts, which is reasonable when limited facts are available. Remember the unease of using microwave ovens—and the fear of it causing cancers? Remember the fear of digital books replacing paperbacks and hardcovers?

🤖 Fact is, AI is the new mode that will inevitably influence how we write, publish, sell and conduct business. AI may benefit countless industries in substantially lucrative ways, but variety is the norm and human charisma, and intelligence can never be wholly replaced by robots.

🤖 I grimace at a machine manipulating my creative thoughts and writing and publishing my books devoid of my human touch.

🤖 Albeit AI can be used to boost sales locally and internationally year-round at virtual platforms and be the connoisseur that greets visitors, answers questions and disseminates timely information about authors, events and books 24/7.

🔆 Stay current in this new era and get expert coaching on publishing and don’t be left behind.

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