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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Spring fills the air and should stimulate your desire to pen a new story, poem, novel, memoir, play, inspirational piece, recipe, letters to friends... The list is as infinite as our pens. But life will not dally for anyone. We must capture moments and pen creative legacies.


The world is a canvas and spring unfurls indelible, picturesque images of cherry blossoms, daffodils and more to vivify our days. Enjoy the myriads of hues and perfumes at your reach. Nature is generous and it's refreshing to skip along capturing rustic and pristine images of life, that embroider your days, and impact your worlds.

Fact is, I can’t resist writing when nature speaks. Hence, I listen and snap photos as I complete chores and explore what propels me to write—like this photo I’m sharing with you.


What's new in your unveiled world (that you and everyone can see)?

What's new in your veiled world (that concealed, cavern no one must discover and enter)?

What's yesteryear and super nostalgic for you?

Get coaching if necessary but write, even if about your procrastination (we’re all guilty). The act of writing is a praiseworthy movement towards your writing quest. Create a timeline and an outline for weekly and monthly targets and write--it’s a beginning you must activate to peak. Dedicate a special spot or chair (if not your office) for your writing nook and treat yourself to a delightful, Vegan Delectable: Volume lV beverage as you write. Don't shun coaching if you need expert help with motivation to begin, guidance throughout, accountability and fruition. Most achievers have a mentor and a coach.

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