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✍️ Writers Are Happiest When Writing and Salivate About Writing

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

✍️ Did you know that most innate writers are happiest when writing and salivate about writing? To them, writing challenges (new projects, a piece that seems eternal, revisions, a new genre, etc.) are opportunities to romance their work and produce remarkable art that transforms them and readers.

✍️ Hence, most innate writers pounce on writing projects with alacrity. And yes, all genres of writing require thorough research to establish credibility in academic, poetry, memoirs and non-fiction works and to authenticate characters, dialogue, mannerisms, etc., in fictional pieces. Albeit some research may be technical and less exciting and better accomplished by skilled help to free time and enable innate writers to write.

🤗 Are you an innate writer? Don’t worry if you aren't an innate writer (born with the vision and knack to naturally write). Get coaching since you too have wisdom to share or stories to tell the world.

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