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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

People often ask whether I always knew I would be a writer? No. Albeit I wrote and staged my interpretation of Little Women (I loved Louisa May Alcott’s books) in my teens before an audience of 150 viewers and got raved reviews.

I got inspiration in my early 20’s to write and did nonchalantly write in my journal. But Not until my late 20s did I realize that I was smitten with multiple genres of writing and not merely typing.

I type my poetry and stories, of course (as life allows me) but I adore creative writing which is the most beautiful thing in this world (well there are a few other beautiful things).

The closest I got to the notion of professionally writing in my twenties was attending "an Academy." I liked the idea of typing countless words and stenographers look cool on TV and when typing court cases. Not to mention, some lawyers looked handso

me with swag and husky voices. And yes, I had that expensive stenograph machine, and I took courses to learn how to transcribe and type 225 words per minute on that machine. I reached 150+ words but either the school was strange, or I was since only a few students accelerated to the required 225 wpm and graduated and yours truly and the majority made that onerous, dubious classroom trek a career.

I eventually got tired of paying tuition and not accelerating. So, I quit that phenomenon, stenography. A few years later I fully understood my mission in life was to become a prolific writer. I would be a late Bloomer with no finance, but off to college and graduate school I went which is another story for another time. But understand that a writer’s answer to a question may be an essay.

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