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💨 January Is Bolting. 💦

😊 What's gushing from your pen?

😊No need to have dry, disengaged pens when you could follow a realistic timeline and write your first, third or next masterpiece.

💡We write daily via text and email messages. Some of us blog or fill journals and diaries.

😊 A good tip is to begin a data dump on a topic you are curious about or an expert at. Could be something humorous, literary, academic or instructional from your specific field.

🏷️ Consider notes, emails, journal or diary entries.  And don’t confute goldmines from iPad, videos, recordings and cells that are valuable writing pads.

🏷️Excavate what is usable for a new book then write, embellish and tweak away.

🏷️You have an entire year to perfect your masterpiece. January is bolting but eleven months remain. Don't procrastinate even when life happens.

😊 Be inspired and begin writing then get expert help for your book projects to outshine and share your gems with readers in 2024.

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