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💡Now Is The Ideal Time For A “Data Dump!” 📂

Updated: Mar 11

👏 The end of the first quarter is weeks away and you are living life, conducting business and interacting with family, friends and society.

👏 You are a business, an educator and are being intentionally and intrinsically educated as a student of life and circumstance. You have amassed stories via scattered notes, emails, journal entries, presentations, etc. You are laughing and crying as life decrees and being resilient.


📂Now is the ideal time for a “data dump” where you audit and collect all your written, typed or mentally logged data to create a Master File then extract what is useable for a new book concept.


👏Decide of course the genre for your book and whether your book will be fiction or nonfiction; hence a novel, poetry, inspirational, educational, instructional, etc. Envision your audience and your reason for venturing to begin and complete a manuscript.


👏 Next get genuine mentoring and coaching from an expert to realize your vision and the completion of your manuscript for successful publication.

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