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🔎 Final Edits And Proofing 🔍

Updated: Mar 13

👍 Congrats! You're close to the finishing line. Shun skeptics and notions of doubt.

🔍Edit and proof your manuscript carefully before finalizing it for typesetting and publishing. 🔎

🔍Carefully review your editor’s edits since you are the creator and expert of your work and should accept or reject edits based on applicability, context, flow, etc., of your work.  🔎


👍 Follow these simple steps below to complete final edits and proofing if you use a Master File and do not automatically select “accept” for all your editor’s final edits throughout your manuscript.

👍 These are just a few tips, but a genuine and expert coach can guide you through the entire process of finalizing your manuscript whether you publish traditionally or self-publish.

A.     Pdf your editor’s version of your manuscript and use the pdf as your guide.

B.     Read your editor’s corrections carefully before accepting or applying them throughout

your manuscript.

C.    Apply your editor’s edits to your Master File once you have carefully reviewed the edits.

D.    Compare the pdf of your editor’s version to your Master File to be sure you have

applied all necessary edits.

E.   Be prudent with using corrector type since some corrections may not apply to

sentence context of a given section of your manuscript.

F.      Pdf your Master File then read the pdf version for flow and to easily identify typos.

G.     Print and proof a copy of your final edited Master File.

👍 Best to have a genuine expert coach, mentor you, and help you attain your vision of publishing your book. Stay focused and do not get distracted, manipulated and spun in circles by freelancers with mercenary intents.

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