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🔔🍒 Revelries and "The Heart" of The Holidays 📯

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

🍒 December glided in with a plethora of enchantments to write about including

business wheels and deals, trendy sales, festivities, gaudy decors, travel, family and friends, gifts, enticing cuisines, and the list is endless. 📯

🍒 My joy is my 2 ft Christmas tree that gets unboxed and assembled the day after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the lights until New Year’s Day. My gifts are wrapped boxes, stored and reused yearly to save time and maximize my glee at seeing my prized little faux tree adorned and alive. I gladly write about my tree which could be endless with tales about my current ornaments and the vanishing ornaments I prized. 📯

🍒 Some may write about the most festive places in their cities like the Rockefeller Center in NYC and its renowned Christmas tree lighting for the “91st” time Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting 2023: Photos and more from the NYC ceremony ( How tall the tree is and its arrival with pomp and flair--the talk-about town. And how tourists rush to capture snaps and cuddle under the arms of this splendid tree. 📯

🍒 Some may write about the Rockets and the Christmas show Christmas Spectacular | The Rockettes or their novel family show whether tame or rambunctious. Singers will sing and writers must pen about revelries and "the heart" of the holidays. "The heart" of the holidays being what makes you happy and how you cheer others and conjure holiday joy and contentment. We should simply write regardless of the genre or story. 📯

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